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Madison Smartt Bell's Prey (from the collection Zig-Zag Wanderer)


To Abdo, With Love
by Steve Karas

by Liz Betz

A Brief History of Myth
by Amanda Miska

How to Tell Rape Story
by Liz Clift

Flash Fiction

by Dena Afrasiabi

A Tea for Outsiders
by Olivia Kate Cerrone

High on Bath Salts
by Michael Chaney

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, 2010
by Jen Ferguson

Tonto Rides a Bus to Visit His Mother-in-Law, Who is Dying from Cancer
by Michael Fogarty

by Kawika Guillermo

I was Reading Bolaño
by Sean Lovelace


Sheila Squillante


by Liza Katz

Trying To Understand
by Jessica Pierce

from Ice/Land
by Devon Wootten

What Entropy Means To Me
by James Heflin

Measuring Your Own Grave
by Hannah Dellabella

from Ice/Land
by Devon Wootten

by Simon Perchik

Empedocles' Shoe
by Sara Burnett

Christmas Eve in Kolkata
by Jessica Pierce

Where We Are Now
by James Heflin

Curfew Time
by LeRoy Sorenson

Night Comes to Accordionville, Its Soldiers
by James Heflin

On the table, a porcelain teacup on a thin saucer
by Claudia Serea

Krakatoa Picnic
by James Heflin

from Leafmold
by F. Daniel Rzicznek

Our Bismarck
by James Heflin

from Ice/Land
by Devon Wootten

by Mariela Griffor

The evening report
by Claudia Serea

by Mariela Griffor

from Leafmold
by F. Daniel Rzicznek

Woman Picking Olives in Catania
by Sara Burnett

Each day the sun is born new
by Claudia Serea

from Ice/Land
by Devon Wootten


Christine Stewart: MFA My Way

A Story with a View

Meg Tuite: Exquisite Duet

Following the Rejection for Section 8 Housing/What's Expected of You
by George Korolog/Michael J. Seidlinger

When I Say "You" I Mean "Myself"/Motor Inn Love Song
by Miriam Sagan/Kevin Ridgeway

Parenchyma/Art Installation: Exhibit #2558
by Doug Bootes/Nancy Stohlman

Book Reviews

Train Shots by Vanessa Bakeslee
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

The Abyss Gazes Also by Wolfgang Carstens
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Exhibit of Forking Paths by James Grinwis
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

Guinevere of Baltimore by Shelley Puhak
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

Above All Men by Eric Shonkwiler
(Reviewed by Jacob Budenz)

Tollbooth by Bud Smith
(Reviewed by Ashley Begley)

The Zoo, A Going by J. A. Tyler
(Reviewed by Stephanie Bills)

The Isle of Youth by Laura van den Berg
(Reviewed by Michael Tager)

Activities by John Dermot Woods
(Reviewed by Jesse Ritz)

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