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From the Editor


Laura Ellen Scott
by Elizabeth Buchanan


Make All of Your Sports Coats Glass
by Michael Cooper

What You Remember
by Susan Lerner

How to Date a White Boy
by LaTanya McQueen

Popsicles on the Moon
by Richard Peabody


Cradling Old Moons
by Eric Crawford

Ecastatic in Blue #5
by Darren Demaree

by Laura Cesarco Eglin

Ways of Getting Quail
by Ivy Grimes

Black Pool
by Ivy Grimes

by Leslie LaChance

Properties Pastoral
by Leslie LaChance

Winter Elegy
by John McKernan

For Samantha in the Mirror
by Carrie Murphy

by Ryan Sanford Smith

Line Static
by Ryan Sanford Smith

Flash Fiction

To the Body
by Barbara Diehl

Young Billy is Reprimanded for Teasing His Sister's Ghost
by Robert Hinderliter

From the Plagiarist's Notebooks: Markson Makes an Introduction
by Daniel Long

Jack and Jill Get a Mortgage
by Helen R. Peterson

Eardrum Alphabet Orbit
by Robb Todd


Tiny Fighter
by Kecianne Shick

MFA My Way

Writing the Wabi Sabi Way
by Christine Stewart

Book Reviews

Badbadbad by Jesus Angel Garcia
(Reviewed by Sierra Troy-Regier)

The Great Lenore by J. M. Tohline
(Reviewed by Sierra Troy-Regier)

Upgraded to Serious by Heather McHugh
(Reviewed by Gregg Mosson)

Selected Poems and Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy
(Reviewed by Gregg Mosson)

Darling Endangered by Carol Guess
(Reviewed by Emily Peterson Crespo)

Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson
(Reviewed by Art Edwards)

The Next Stop Is Croy, and Other Stories by Andrew McCallum Crawford
(Reviewed by Gill Hoffs)

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