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Editor's Note


Emily Peterson by Ashlie Kauffman

Adam Robinson and Mary Miller by Joseph Young


In the House
by Clarinda Harriss

Turning Back at Elk City
by Patrick Dacey

by Anne Valente


No Trophies for Male Gymnasts
by Ravi Mangla

Ten Notes on Photographing Sean
by Sean Lovelace

A Deep Ache, a Hum
by Beth Thomas

by Peter Grimes

by Matthew Quinn Martin

The Dusty Bastards
by Laura Ellen Scott

The Golden Spin of Zagreb
by Adam Moorad

Lake Linville the Artificial Lake
by Adam Moorad

Notions, Childish and True
by Amber Sparks

English Butler, Ohio
by Bess Winter

Touch Me
by Alan Stewart Carl


by Myra Sherman


by Peter Schwartz

The Natural History Museum
by Heather Momyer

Imaginary Lover
by Lindsay Ahl

Rock Creek
by Lindsay Ahl

Lines to a Beautiful Spring
by Nate Pritts

Dear Hello
by Nate Pritts

St. Christina the Astonishing
by Doug Tanoury

At Full Gallop
by Emily Peterson


Plan for a Pretty Good Poem
by Gary Lehmann

Book Reviews

What the World Will Look Like When the Water Leaves Us by Laura van den Berg
(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

Too Many Magpies by Elizabeth Baines
(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

This Is the Red Door by James R. Whitley
(Reviewed by Lalita Noronha)

Questions of Fire by Gregg Mosson
(Reviewed by Djelloul Marbrook)

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