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An Interview with Elise Juska (by Curtis Smith)


by Sarah Lippmann


Two Sisters
by Paula Bomer

Kafka's Luggage
by Christopher DeWan

by Arthur Diamond

by Eric Maierson

Drinking the Allegheny
by Rachel Mangini

The Story of Your Poem
by Peter Schwartz

by Matthew Vasiliauskas

Summer Nonfiction Spectacular!

by Joe Bardin

Land of the Lost: My Fulbright Year in Moldova
by Stephen Connely Benz

The Burden of Ending
by Eric Lloyd Blix

by Ira Gold

by Karen Lenar

by Nathan Leslie

Excerpts from the Inaugural jmww Chapbook Contest-Winning Collection, Jessica Poli's Glassland

[  anesthesia  ]

For When the Gold Lights Catch Us
by Jessica Poli



During the Blackout, We Made Love

Be the Thumb
by Donald Illich

Unbinding a Book
by William Doreski

In the barn
by Gary Glauber


To Name a Thing

Buffalo River, 2013
by Cody Smith

by Christopher Adamson

'86 Celebrity


The Back Steps of 4 A.M.

The Lowland
by Sarah Jane Miller

Hard Elbow

by John Grey

The Pop-up Book of Falling in Love

Viewer Discretion Advised
by Roy Bentley


A Companion

Weighing Containment

What We Find

Body As
by Carrie Addington

Etiquette for Plausible Deniability
by Sara Biggs Chaney

At Six I Learned How To Cook
by John McCarthy

Memory Place
by Aaron Brown


By Going Upstairs, I'm Being a Dad
by Matthew Kirshman

Mall Carnival
by Daniel Heffner

1955-D & 1945-S
by Craig Cotter


Christine Stewart: MFA My Way

Tell All the Truth But Tell It Slant

Meg Tuite: Exquisite Duet

'Round Midnight/Hello Weekend Warrior
by Indigo Moor/Bud Smith

The Silence Holder/Assembly Required
by Kenneth Pobo/James Valvis

TAG/Drama in Two Monologues
by Cooper Esteban Renner/John Burgess

Book Reviews

The Biology of Luck by Jacob M. Appel
(Reviewed by Mike Tager)

The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes by David Atkinson
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

Through the Windshield by Mike DeCapite
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

I Hope Something Good Happens by Scott Daughtridge
(Reviewed by Girija Sankar)

Cementville by Paulette Livers
(Reviewed by Amanda Kelley)

Bald New World by Peter Tieryas Liu
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Don't Start Me Talkin' by Tom Williams
(Reviewed by Amanda Kelley)

What Happened Here by Bonnie ZoBell
(Reviewed by Jacob Budenz)

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