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Modern Mannerisms: An Interview with Tara Laskowski

Excerpt: Jane Satterfield's Her Peculiars

Bombing: Pet Bazaar, Baghdad

Save the Ta-Tas

AWP HEAT Flash Contest Winner

by Caroljean Gavin


Craig on Tinian Island, 1945
by Emily Kiernan

Reflections Upon Learning that Kellerman's Family Resort Filed for Bankruptcy
by Tara Laskowksi

A Clearing in the Forest
by Nate Pritts


Weight of Abundance

The Accidental Pull

After the 1915 Gravenstein Apple Show

The 66th Apple Blossom Parade, 2012
by Iris Jamahl Dunkle

Oh, how I loved you...

Oda do Kapusty i Polski Ludzie

by Sherine Elise Gilmour

The Angel of History

Greyhouds Racing

In Salida
by Cody Todd

On the Platform of a Train Station Knee Deep in Fog
by Camille Hugret

The woman in the other room
by Ciprian Macesaru, translated by Claudia Serea

In the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Bird Box
by Michael Sukach


by James Grinwis

The Train and the Faces

On the Dawn of the Chinese New Year

by Meg Thompson

I Am Not Your Home
by Kevin Krause

American Gothic
by Camille Hugret

An Education in Letters

Room of Requirement

Questions and Answers

Ecostation for Disposal and Recycling

A Kind of Ars Poetica
by Jane Lin

Flash Fiction

Betty Lou is Welcomed to Undereaters Anonymous
by Jules Archer

The Loss of Loss
by Carly Berg

When Pretty People Disappoint
by Jen Knox

You Go Behind the Sun
by Joel Kopplin

by Len Kuntz

Rialto's al Fresco


We All Fall Down
by J. P. Reese

The Check Throat of a House Isn't Evidence of a True Heart
by Jess Stoner

MFA My Way

Down to the Bones
by Christine Stewart

Book Reviews

Griefland by Armen D. Bacon and Nancy Miller
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

The Vital System by C. M. Burroughs
(Reviewed by Gregg Mosson)

They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights by Gillian Devereux
(Reviewed by Gretchen Hodgin)

Participants by Andrew Keating
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

Any Deadly Thing by Roy Kesey
(Reviewed by Mike Tager)

Spark by Courtney Mauk
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

Raymond Carver Will Not Raise Our Children by Dave Newman
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

So Say The Waiters by Justin Sirois
(Reviewed by Jacob Budenz)

Puerto Rico by Alejandro Ventura
(Reviewed by Alexa McMahon)

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