Congratulations to Robert Repino, whose story "Life in the Fishbowl" (Fall 2007) was selected as a Notable Story of 2007 by storySouth's Million Writers Award judges!

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In this issue of jmww (spring 2008):

Marion Winik discusses
her favorite memoirs

 Reviews of Katherine Cottle's
My Father's Speech
(Apprentice House Chapbook Competition winner),
Dave Housley, justin sirois, Daniel Trask, and more!

jmww. spring 2008

Editor's Note

High Five

High Five: Contemporary Memoir by Marion Winik


Flyaway Dreams by Bryan S. Wang

Aerial Acrobatics by Julia LaSalle

My Brother Picks Cans by Mark R. Dursin

The Cradle of Aviation by Susan O'Doherty

Makeover by Kerry Langan

Case Study: Part 16 by Brian Langston

Maw Maw by William R. Duell

Flash Fiction

Skin by Emily Weiss


Forget the Bells in the Distance

Song of the Bottomless Lament by Martin Willitts, Jr.

They Follow Her by Ellen Pober Rittberg

Book and Chapbook Reviews

DMR by Daniel Trask
(Reviewed by Adam Robinson)

Secondary Sound by justin sirois
(Reviewed by Adam Robinson)

My Father's Speech by Katherine Cottle
(Reviewed by Adam Robinson)

Electric Grace edited by Richard Peabody
(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

Santi: Lives of Modern Saints
edited by Lucia Dipierro and N. Frank Daniels,
illustrated by Rachel Bradley

(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

Ryan Seacrest Is Famous by Dave Housley
(Reviewed by Catherine Harrison)

Castleman in the Academy by Charles Rammelkamp
(Reviewed by Kate McGill Wyer)

Brand New Fence
by Wes Ward

(Reviewed by Shara Terjung)

"This is how Maw Maw died: She sat on the john and pottied her spine. That's what Hilda said, but Buddy disputed it. No, when she sat down, she fell in. And Mrs. Forbus went to clean the bathroom, and flushed her away without noticing. Hilda shook her head. No, you numbskull, she was too big, she would have clogged the pipe. Her spine went first, then maybe her organs, and Maw Maw flushed the toilet herself, thinking she had done her business. By then she was nothing but a skin-bag of stuff, and she collapsed into the bowl like a popped balloon."
William R. Duell, Maw Maw

"Ossi, who seems to be the saint of mirrored Ray Ban sunglasses, is timeless, a pillar of stoic, albeit indifferent, fairness, Tommaso's actual unattainable father figure. Dipierro's is a haunting, hallucinogenic story, a vision blurred by a metaphorical snowblindness."—review of Santi: Lives of Modern Saints

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Our Million Writers Award Nominations: Dominic Prezioi's "Red Line to Puritas," Ropert Repino's "Life in the Fishbowl," and Barbara Diehl's "Teacups." Congratulations!

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