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Jessica Poli's Glassland now available!

Our inaugural poetry chapbook, Jessica Poli's Glassland, is now available at our store, including jmww anthologies I-VI. Enter HERE!!!!! (or go to "Print" on our menu bar)

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An Interview with Aaron Burch (by Curtis Smith)

An Interview with Eric Shonkwiler (by Melanie Page)


Aunt Nancy (an excerpt from Man of Clay)
by CL Bledsoe


The People in Berlin
by Timothy Schirmer

by Soon Wiley

The Widow Complex
by Gwen Godkin

Special Section: Poetry in Translation



by Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926)

(translated from the French by James Owens)

from Interior

from Interior
by Ciprian Macesaru (1976– )

(translated from the Romanian by Claudia Serea)

by Hedd Wyn (Ellis Evans, 1887–1917)

(translated from the Welsh by Michael Ratcliffe)

The Good Comrade

The Innkeeper's Daughter
by Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787–1862)

(translated translated from the German by Robert Boucheron)

TRENY #7 (On the Death of his Daughter, Urszula)
by Jan Kochanowski (1530–1584)

(translated from the Polish by Leonard Kress)

Beatific Vision
by Dante Alighieri (1265–l321), from Paradiso Canto XXXIII, lines 106–145

(translated from the Italian by Aaron Brown)

Missed Opportunity

Violation Ticket to the Messiah for Weeping in Public

Liquidation Sale

Four Flashes
by David Avidan (1934–1995)

(translated from Hebrew by Tsipi Keller)

Im Alten Haus

Lieben, XIII
by Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926)

(translated from the German by Owen Lucas)

Amorous Succubi
by Dulce Chiang (1976– )

(translated from the Spanish by Joseph Crespo)


Body As
by Constantin Virgil Bănescu (1982–2009)

(translated from the Romanian by Alina Stefanescu)


Christine Stewart: MFA My Way

How to Give a Good Reading

Meg Tuite: Exquisite Duet

The Sky Is a Confusion of Stars/Penn Station
by Dorianne Laux/Joe Millar

I've Got No Use for Your Edges/I've Got No Use for Your Edges
by Stephanie Barber/Paula Bomer

Code/the tangle
by Lauren Becker/Ryan Bradley

Book Reviews

Galaga by Michael Kimball
(Reviewed by Michael Tager)

The River's Memory by Sandra Gail Lambert
(Reviewed by Cynthia Koster)

Doll Palace by Sarah Lippmann
(Reviewed by Ashley Begley)

The Glad Hand of God Points Backwards by Rachel Mennies
(Reviewed by Amanda Kelleyy)

Limber by Angela Pelster
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

Idiopaths by Bill Rasmovicz
(Reviewed by Amanda Kelley)

Morte by Robert Repino
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

Today's jmww

jmww Poetry Chapbook Contest

We are now welcoming submissions for our second poetry chapbook contest, to be judged by poet Claudia Emerson, recipient of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. The winning poet will receive $500, plus 5 letterpress-cover copies of the chapbook. The deadline is December 15, 2014. Please see our submission site for submission details and to enter the contest. Copies of Jessica Poli's winning chapbook from our inaugural contest, judged by Oliver de la Paz, may be purchased here!