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Poetry (Guest Edited by Ned Balbo)

Editor's Note

Verde Valley 1311 AD
Seven Days (1862) and Global Positioning
1150 AD
by Arthur Vogelsang

Tony and Maria
by Erica Dawson

Go put on your face
Your Monthly
by Nickole Brown

Near the International Spy Museum
Charming the Press
by Douglas Basford

Perfect Pearl: Spell for Luck
by Richard Newman

Forests without Dirt
At the Scene of the Accident
by Greg Nicholl

By Way of
At the Scope
What Love Cannot Do
by January Gill O'Neil

How They Met
Elegy for Poe's Mourner
by Julie Kane

Beast/Story Time
The Green Room
by John Hennessy

First Concerto
by Anne-Marie Thompson

Faced With a Texas Drought, the Hungarian Expatriate Painter Thinks of Home
by Lucas Jacob

From From Nothing
by Daniel Tobin

I Am Loose Now, and Rising
by Laurie McDiarmid

The Wind
What Beauty
by Kendra Kopelke

—non delere
Waiting for Tupac
by Kathleen Hellen

Abecedarian with Meth Lab
The Fatso King
by Nick McRae

Complete Disappearance
by Quincy R. Lehr

Lover through Departure
by Rishma Dunlop


Trust Me
by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk

by Gay Degani

Toby's Logos
by Damon Barta

Remember the Lions?
by Matthew Robinson

Bottom of the Ocean
by Michelle Myers

Retired Dictators
by Alex M. Pruteanu

MFA My Way

You Had Me at Your First Two Pages
by Christine Stewart

Special Fall Book Review Section!

Nine Months by Paula Bomer
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

People With Holes by Heather Fowler
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Lumatic Speaks by Caroline Hagood
(Reviewed by Gretchen Hodgin)

Understories by Tim Horvath
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Selected Poems and Come and See: Poems by Fanny Howe
(Reviewed by Gregg Mosson)

Big Ray by Michael Kimball
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Rice County Odonata Journal (Vol II) by Scott King
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

Pretty Tilt by Carrie Murphy
(Reviewed by Alexa McMahon)

The Fullness of Everything by Christopher Newgent, Tyler Gobble, and Brian Oliu
(Reviewed by Sierra Troy-Regier)

Fusen Bakudan: Poems by Charles Rammelkamp
(Reviewed by Gregg Mosson)

Suburban Myths by Sam Schmidt
(Reviewed by Victoria Osbornee)

Disparate Pathos by Meg Tuite
(Reviewed by Melanie Pag)

The Listeners by Leni Zumas
(Reviewed by Sierra Troy-Regier)

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