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Special Nonfiction Issue!

Introduction: Dario DiBattista and Girija Sankar, Nonfiction Editors


by Ron Capps

In My Shoes
by Brandi Dawn Henderson

On Not Believing
by Curtis Smith

Girl in the Hall
by Amy Bernhard

Paul Is Dead, and We're All Listening: Rumor and Revelation, 1969
by Ned Balbo

When the Bad Boys Ruled Britannia
by Jane Satterfield

Special Fall Book Review Section!

Freight by Mel Bosworth
(Reviewed by M Thompson)

The Bee-Loud Glade by Steve Himmer
(Reviewed by Linda Simoni-Wastila)

If You're Not Yet Like Me by Edan Lupucki

and We're Getting On by James Kaelen (Reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

There Is No Year by Blake Butler
(Reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

Hard to Say by Ethel Rohan
(Reviewed by Steve Himmer)

The Quarry and the Lot by Mark Wallace
(Reviewed by Dave Kiefaber)

The Orange Suitcase by Joseph Rippi
(Reviewed by Nathan Pensky)

Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother by Barbara Morrison
(Reviewed by Girija Sankar)

Inherent Vice by Pat Valdata
(Reviewed by Lalita Noronha)

The Chairs are Where the People Go by Misha Glouberman and Shelia Heti
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

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