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Editor's Note


Confessions of a Book-Bagger:
Karen Lillis Gives the Inside Scoop on NYC's Hippest Bookstore in New Memoir Project


Five Men
by Timothy Raymond

by Spencer Dew

I See You in the Lighthouse
by Franz Knupfer

Sucker Punch
by Suzanne Marie Hopcroft

by Jeanne Holtzman

Flash Fiction

Editor's Note
by John Madera

He Her Heck
by Alexandra Chasin

On the Bifurcation of Garments for Men
by Scott Garson

Keep It Supple
by James Hannaham

The Lobby
by Tim Horvath

Repetition Island
by Kevin Killian

What the House Went For
by Miguel Morales

An Act of Kindness in These Terrible Days of Darkness
by David Peak

The baby
by Davis Schneiderman

Lost in the lopes of becoming
by Ken Sparling

Notes on Being a Noun
by Ken Sparling

How Big a Boat
by Terese Svoboda


CRW 101
by Diya Chaudhuri

The Wings Inside Our Stomachs
by Nicelle Davis

The Fathers of Sagada
by SL Corsua

A Soap Opera Critic
by SL Corsua

Book Reviews: Special Fall Book Review Section

How They Were Found by Matt Bell
(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

Finny by Justin Kramon
(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

Far District by Ishion Hutchinson
(Reviewed by Ashlie Kauffman)

Muted Lines From Someone Else's Memory by Seth Berg
(Reviewed by Ashlie Kauffman)

All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song by Rebecca Foust
(Reviewed by Chris Stewart)

The Trials of Edgar Poe and Other Poems by Ned Balbo
(Reviewed by Patricia Valdata)

Something Must Happen by Ned Balbo
(Reviewed by W.F. Lantry)

High Heat by Tim Wendel
(Reviewed by Jen Michalski)

Richard Yates by Tao Lin
(Reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

Make-Believe Lovemaking by Ana Carrete
(Reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

Drain by Davis Schneiderman
(Reviewed by Nik Korpon)

We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough by Mike Young
(Reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

The Best of (What's Left of) Heaven by Mairéad Byrne
(Reviewed by Ashlie Kauffman)

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