Andy's Palm Reader

by Stephanie Barber

andy got in a cab.
it was almost like an suv cab and he was alone.

the suv-ing of the cab made him even more alone.
andy was always alone speeding down the
los angeles highways in the joy of salt.

the cab driver was a big fan of andy's
tv show and told him how he
watched, with his family, on a rug made of circling braids.
braids made of fabric the family had had.

andy was listening to the cab driver and drawing
braids on his leg.
we just want to be loved. thought andy.

andy's long hair tangled with his long long beard
in the salt wind of the air flowing through the suv.

the cab driver said about the light from the tv
that it was hovering on his daughters' faces.

andy was the light
hovering on the cab driver's daughters' faces
as they sped towards the ocean where andy's palm reader lived.

Stephanie Barber is a video artist and writer living in Baltimore, MD. Her chapbook of poems was published by Bronze Skull Press. Her book these here separated… was published by Publishing Genius Press, which also has just put out her small conceptual book Night Moves. Her videos are distributed by Video Data Bank. More can be learned at

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