Gary Lehmann
You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Criticism: John Crowe Ransom
Step-by-Step Poetry: Deconstructing Mark Doty
Where Do Poems Come From? The Dreamworld of Philip Levine
The Poetry of Mao Zedong
Cane, Jean Toomer's Modern Voyage of Discovery
John Masefield
Tess Gallagher
Vachel Lindsay
Charles Bukowski
How to Win the Poetry Game: the Poetry of Kay Ran
Billy Collins Enters the Ear of the Reader
Plan for a Pretty Good Poem
White Space


The Preservationist
by Justin Kramon
by Michael Landweber
Devil's Dream
by Maddison Smartt Bell
"Prey" from Zig-Zag Wanderer
by Maddison Smartt Bell

Meg Tuite's Exquisite Duet

by Anna March/Ben Tanzer
tense/Drunk Sonnet
by Peter Schwartz/Bill Yarrow
Addicted to Love/Brian Flozzi
by Howie Good/Agnes Marton
Post-op/Flotsam and Jetsam
by Sudasi Clement/Laura Madeline Wiseman
God lives in the Downtown Eastside/The End of Us
by Cynthia Dewi Oka/Len Kuntz
Following the Rejection for Section 8 Housing/What's Expected of You
by George Korolog/Michael J. Seidlinger
When I Say "You" I Mean "Myself"/Motor Inn Love Song
by Miriam Sagan/Kevin Ridgeway
Parenchyma/Art Installation: Exhibit #2558
by Doug Bootes/Nancy Stohlman

MFA My Way

Christine Stewart
A Story with a View
Stop Breaking Bad: Harness the Power of the Line Break
The Art of Ekphrastic Poetry
Down to the Bones
Radical Revision Techniques
You Had Me at the First Two Pages
Song and Story: The Lyric-Narrative Poem
Get Conflicted
Writing the Wabi Sabi Way
In Writing, As in Life, You Must Have Character


An Interview with Jessica Anya Blau
by Michael Landweber
An Interview with Marion Winik
by Danielle Ariano
An Interview with Michael Kimball
by Celeste Sollod
Confessions of a Book-Bagger
by Karen Lillis
Emily Peterson
by Ashlie Kauffman
Adam Robinson and Mary Miller
by Joseph Young
Kristine Ong Muslim
by Gretchen Hodgin
Laura Ellen Scott
by Elizabeth Buchanan

Book Reviews

John Amen
At the Threshold of Alchemy
The New Arcana
Nick Antosca
Midnight Picnic
Elizabeth Baines
Too Many Magpies
Ned Balbo
The Trials of Edgar Poe and Other Poems
Something Must Happen
Tony Barnstone
Tongue of War
Lauren Becker, Erin Fitzgerald, Kristy Logan, Michelle Reale, & Amber Sparks
Shut Up/Look Pretty
Matt Bell
Cataclysm Baby
Matt Bell
How They Were Found
Lauren Bender
Whale Box
John Berendt
City of Falling Angels
Aase Berg
With Deer
Seth Berg
Muted Lines From Someone Else's Memory
David Blaine
Jessica Blau
The Summer of Naked Swim Parties
Mel Bosworth
Alan Britt
Alone in the Terrible Universe
Barbara Browning
The Correspondence Artist
Ron Burch
Bliss Inc
Suzanne Burns
Misfits and Other Heroes
Blake Butler
There Is No Year
Mairéad Byrne
Talk Poetry
The Best of (What's Left of) Heaven
Ana Carrete
Make-Believe Lovemaking
Patrick Carrington
Hard Blessings
Vincent Cellucci
An Easy Place/To Die
Chris O. Cook
To Lose & To Pretend
Jackie Corley
The Suburban Swindle
Katherine Cottle
My Father's Speech
Chella Courington
Girls & Women
David Daniel
Six Off 66
Lydia Davis
Lydia Davis
The Cows
Lucia Dipierro and N. Frank Daniels
Santi: Lives of Modern Saints
Mary Stone Dockery
Mythology of Touch
Michael Downs
The Greatest Show
Carol Ann Duffy
Selected Poems and Rapture
Moira Egan and Clarinda Harriss (editors)
Hot Sonnets: An Anthology
Rebecca Foust
All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song
Stephanie Freele
Surrounded by Water
Mathias B. Freese
Down to a Sunless Sea
Eric Freeze
Dominant Traits
Jesus Angel Garcia
The Law of Strings
Anand Giridharadas
India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation's Re-making
Misha Glouberman and Shelia Heti
The Chairs are Where the People Go
Eric D. Goodman
Carol Guess
Darling Endangered
John Guzlowski
The Third Winter of War: Buchenwald
Piotr Gwiazda
Jared Harel
The Body Double
Eleanor Henderson
Ten Thousand Saints
Christopher Hennessy
Tania Hershman
The White Road
Frank Hinton
I Don't Respect Female Expression
Dave Housley
Ryan Seacrest Is Famous
Ishion Hutchinson
Far District
Savannah Schroll Guz
American Soma
Heather Hartley
Knock Knock
Steve Himmer
The Bee-Loud Glade
Justin Hyde
Where the Hummingbird Goes to Die
Molly Bruce Jacobs
Secret Girl
Tania James
Atlas of Unknowns
Shane Jones
Light Boxes
James Kaelan
We're Getting On
Michael Kimball
Dear Everybody
Justin Kramon
Delphine Lecompte
Kittens in the Boiler
Nathan Leslie
The Terrifying, Terrific, Tantalizing Tall Tale of Tommy Twice
Mari L'Esperance
The Darkened Temple
Karen Lillis
The Second Elizabeth
Karen Lillis
Watch the Doors as They Close
Tao Lin
Richard Yates
Sam Lipsyte
The Ask
Edan Lupucki
If You're Not Yet Like Me
Sarah Manguso
The Guardians: An Elegy
Maryland Writers Association
New Lines From the Old Line State
Andrew McCallum Crawford
The Next Stop Is Croy, and Other Stories
Susan McCallum-Smith
Slipping the Moorings
Leopold McGinnis
Game Quest
Heather McHugh
Upgraded to Serious
John McKernan
Resurrection of the Dust
Erika Meitner
Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls
Mary Meriam
The Poet's Zodiac
Joe Millar
Autobiomythography & Gallery
Barbara Morrison
Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother
Gregg Mosson
Season of Flowers and Dust
Questions of Fire
Matt Mullins
Three Ways of the Saw
Madeleine Mysko
Bringing Home Vincent
Sandra Novack
Josip Novakovich
Shopping for a Better Country: Essays
Deb Olin-Unferth
Kristine Ong Muslim
Night Fish
Scott Owens
Richard Peabody
Blue Suburban Skies
Electric Grace
Nate Pritts
Big Bright Sun
Shelley Puhak
Stalin in Aruba
Lia Purpura
Rough Likeness
Charles Rammelkamp
Castleman in the Academy
Joseph Rippi
The Orange Suitcase
Ben Rogers
The Flamer
Ethel Rohan
Hard to Say
Thaddeus Rutkowski
Michael Salcman
The Enemy of Good is Better
Jack Saunders
Bukowski Never Did This
Davis Schneiderman
BLANK: A Novel
Justin Sirois
Secondary Sound
Curtis Smith
Garrett Socol
Fame & Madness in America
Amber Sparks
May We Shed These Human Bodie
Erik Stinson
And Then I Disappeared Again
Justin Taylor
The Gospel of Anarchy
J. M. Tohline
The Great Lenore
Daniel Trask
Pat Valdata
Inherent Vice
Laura van den Berg
What the World Will Look Like When the Water Leaves Us
Austin Wall
Mark Wallace
The Quarry and the Lot
Gerard F. Warburg
Mandarin Club
Wes Ward
Brand New Fence
Tim Wendel
High Heat
James R. Whitley
This Is the Red Door
Scott Wrobel
Cul de Sac: Stories
Normally Special
Kevin Young
Mike Young
We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough